CEDIC team goes Namibia - Part #6 Dark Nebulae in Circinus and Lupus
Sandqvist 172 - B. Hubl
„Dark Nebulae in Circinus and Lupus“ is the topic of Part #6 of our image presentation, where we want to share the results from our astrophotography-trip to DeepSkySafaris in Namibia. In this part of the series we will focus on the dark companions in the night sky. Dark nebulae are mysterious objects. The large representatives of this class of objects are easy to spot with the naked eye and appear to us like holes in the Milky Way - think of the Coal Sack. Depending on their opacity, they can completely block the light of stars behind them (Sandqvist 7). Sometimes reflection nebulae are embedded (e.g. vdBH 66), sometimes the dark nebulae themselves are within large HII regions (GN 15.11.7). As an extra, there is a time lapse of the southern Milky Way behind the terrace roof of the chalet - the perfect place to take a break in between.
DCLD 338.2+16.4
vdBH 66
GN 15.11.7
Startrails Rooisand
Timelapse Rooisand
Sandqvist 7 - B. Hubl