CEDIC team goes Namibia - Part #1 Clusters in Carina
Eta Carinae Nebula and surrounding area
NGC 3372 wide field
Clusters in Carina is the topic of Part #1 of our image presentation, where we want to share the results from our astrophotography-trip to DeepSkySafaris in Namibia. One of the most famous objects of the constellation Carina is the Eta Carinae Nebula NGC 3372, but also in the direct neighbourhood of this huge and bright emission nebula you can find some interesting HII regions and open star clusters, for example NGC 3247 and NGC 3324.
NGC 3324
NGC 3247 - B. Hubl
More treasures in Carina
If you search a bit, you will find more treasures in this constellation, like the "Southern Pleiades" IC 2602 or NGC 3572 directly below the emission nebula GAL 290.65+00.26.
IC 2602 - B. Hubl
NGC 3114 - B. Hubl
NGC 3572