In 2011, a journey called "astrophotography" started for me, which has since taken me to remote places around the world and allowed me to make friends with many nice people around the globe. The journey is still going on and I am curious to see where else it will lead. Two friends - Oliver Schneider and Faried Abu-Salih- and I run a remote observatory under the perfect dark skies of Namibia at Rooisand Desert Ranch and are happy to regularly share our images here. In the past we operated an observatory in the beautiful south of France - UrsaMajorObservatory at ROSA - we will present many more images here from there as well. Last update: 2024-04-18 (NGC 7497) CCD Guide 2024 is available now!
Personal Favourites
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NGC 7497
NGC 6872
NGC 5139
IC 4628
Allsky-camrea Rooisand
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