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StDr object 4 / SNR G210.5+1.3 - Monoceros
Supernova remnant
Strottner-Drechsler Object 4 / SNR G210.5+1.3 is a spectrum confirmed previously unknown supernova remnant in the constellation Monoceros discovered by our team of Marcel Drechsler and Xavier Strottner in August 2019. With a diameter of 25 arcminutes, SNR G210.5+1.3 is one of the smaller supernova remnants, which suggests a relatively large distance. Since no central star in the form of a neutron star, or a pulsar could be found so far, it was not possible to determine the exact distance of SNR G210.5+1.3. Examination of the spectra showed strong [SII] emission compared to H-alpha with some evidence of [O I] emission. Combined with the shock-like appearing filaments at some locations, it is fairly certain that this is an SNR. G210 could also be quite old, since there is only faint [O III] emission, and given its relatively small size of 25 arcminutes, is also likely quite distant. In addition, the SNR could be behind a considerable amount of ISM dust, since no H-beta emission is visible in the spectra. What is special and surprising about this supernova remnant is the amazingly precise separation between the ionized hydrogen H-alpha (red) and the ionized oxygen [OIII] (blue), which seems to break out of the main structure like a bubble.
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“Alkor” Lacerta N25010c Newtonian, f/D = 4 SX Trius 694 + Moravian G2-8300, Baader LRGB filter
10micron GM2000 HPS II
[OIII] 122x10 min / Ha 108x10 min RGB 33x5 min, G 27x5 min, B 29x5 min
45 h 45 min
data acquired remotely using Voyager image acquisition and pre-processing by Markus Blauensteiner image editing was done by Marcel Drechsler
2021-12-12+13+31 + 2022-01-10+11+12+22+23+24+25+26 + 2022-02-03+22+27 + 2022-03-07+09 (16nights)