Since summer 2012 I use my 5” f/5 Newtonian by Skywatcher. I bought it second hand and improved some detail: - lined the tube with velour; - mounted a fan; - painted all srews inside the tubue with black color; - improved some detail at the focuser; Since summer 2013 I use my 10” f/4 Newtonian by Teleskop Austria (Newtonian without name). Since fall 2013 I use both telescopes simultaneously, for shooting Luminance and RGB at the same time. There was no need to work over the 10” Newtonian. The teslescope is equipped with an “OCTO”-focuser, which is also from Teleskp Austria. The telescope is based on a Skywatcher-Newtonian /main- and secondary mirrors, spider), but the tube is from the german manufacturer Klaus Helmerichs, made from carbon, and the focuser is a very good one. I use a motor focuser by “USB-Focus” on both telescopes. Both telescopes are equipped with a coma-corrector by Pal Gyulai. Images with 5” Newtonian Images with 10” Newtonian Images with the GeMini West setup
10” (250 mm) f/4 and 5” (130 mm) f/5 Newtonian